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Quick contact

  • Mgr. Martin Kopecký
  • tel: +420 608 861 283
  • fax: +420 286 587 757
  • e-mail: kopeckymartin [at]
Wedding dance

Wedding dance


Still no visit dance class?


Don´t worry - we are here to help you and teach you in short time combination of basic steps for your wedding dance.



If you are interested in some special combination in your dance routine call us little bit earlier and we can prepare you for outstanding dance!




  • how: call or email for arrange time


  • where: dance floor Sokolovská st. no 22 near metro Florenc, or your space


  • how long and how much: 60min/1100,-

include floor fee

  • what take with you: comfortable dress and second shoes



We are looking forward!


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